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Next Generation Operating & Energy Efficiencies!  
New Equipment & Solutions for Highly-Reliable Facilities

A Facilities Technology Show & Conference for operating & new data centers
in honor of the late Charles Krieger, CFRT

hosted by:

Friday, September 18th

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM 48205 Warm Springs Blvd. Fremont, CA

5 kV Switchgear and Electrical Distribution SystemsAir Side Economizers for Anywhere and "Any Air"Modular & By-Pass Static UPS & Frictionless Rotary UPS SystemsElectrical Power Conditioners to Minimize Inefficiencies & Waste Heat LossesHeat Removal in Unexpected PlacesNewest Compressor & Motor Controls for Existing Installations

Other Latest & Greatest Solutions -- 8 Presentations & Displays


Dear Members and Guests of the Critical Facilities Round Table,

Please accept this invitation to attend the next meeting of the Critical Facilities Round Table.  This event was conceived by Charles Krieger, co-Founder CFRT.  We will honor his contributions to the Critical Facilities community and learn about some of his favorite ideas.

CFRT will see presentations and displays of nine "cutting edge" methods of improving operating and energy efficiencies that are up to critical facilities' standards for safety and reliability.  Our 2500 SF display floor will be open all day, and we will have breakfast, lunch, & refreshments provided by IEM ... and CFRT style networking.  

Anyone involved with the critical facilities community with an interest in this subject matter is invited to participate.  And, there is absolutely no cost for attendance.  So, if you can't make it ... please send someone in your place.  

You are welcome to come for the whole day or just to see the technology that interests you ... frankly, if you have a data center, you should see it all.  Please RSVP asap by reply to this email to reserve your seat.  

Many thanks go to Jim Avery for coordinating our activities, and to Industrial Electric Manufacturing for providing the facilities, equipment, refreshment and foods that will make this a successful event.  The event will be held at IEM headquarters in Fremont, California.

Driving Directions:

Freeway 680 or 880 to Fremont, Mission Blvd exit then west from 680 (east from 880) to Warm Springs Blvd south for eight blocks to Starlite Way 


8:00  - 8:30 Registration, CFRT networking, Breafast Items & Coffee
8:30 - 8:45 CFRT Membership Business and Announcements – Salute to Charles Kreiger, PE- Bruce Myatt
8:45  - 9:30 Data Center Kyoto Cooling Air Economizers- Humid & Dirty AirOK
Dr. Bob Sullivan, Uptime Institute

Heat wheel rotary heat exhangers offer data center owners a new option - to economize with air regardless of outside humidity and particulate conditions.  Dr Bob will compare Kyoto Cooler performance to that of standard air side and water side economizers!  

9:30  - 10:15 5000 KV Electrical Distribution Equipment for Data Center Energy Efficiency Ed Rossi, President IEM

Now available high voltage electrical power distribution equipment - allow data centers to use less copper & operate more efficently than do low voltage .
10:15  – 10:45 Break- CFRT Networking & Display Show Floor Open
10:45 - 11:30 Rotary UPS Systems with Frictionless Bearings"
Brian Handley, Emerson Liebert

Rotary UPS systems are already more energy efficient than static systems - now the biggest source of energy loss in a rotary system has been removed.
11:30 - 12:15     Modular UPS with Operating By Pass MOde
Dr. Kenneth Uhlman, Eaton Powerware

A static UPS system with modules that allow you to add backup power as the IT load grows over time, and it operates in by-pass mode with near zero power conversion losses to boot.   
12:15 - 1:30 Lunch Break- CFRT Networking & Display Show Floor Open
1:30 - 2:00 Electrical Power Conditioning Proven to Improve Equipment Performance, Energy Efficient Electrical Distribution & Minimizes Waste Heat"
Nick Burton, VP Sales, Harmonics Ltd

Recipient of LEED Innovation Points and LADWP Utility Incentives, power quality minimizes electrical power conduction losses in equipment and wire
2:30- 3:00

Real Time Electrical Signal Monitoring Idenitifies Power Quality Problems to Help Prevent Equipment Failure, Improve Energy Efficiency and Monitor Branch Lines too"
Hugh Lindsay, Schneider Electric 

One of the most important "Data Center Best Practices" to Emerge from the Green Movement is monitoring - how far should you go?

3:00 -3:30 Break- CFRT Networking & Display Show Floor Open

Quick Connect Server Busway Minimizes Installation Costs and Maintenance of Electrical Distribution Systems
Raj Chopra/ Randy Armstrong, Siemens

The only way to build electrical distribution systems today with plug and play electrical busway for capital and operating expense savings & performance.


Motor & Compressor Controls Improve Equipment Performance Sometimes Better than VFD's
So Young Kim, Energy Advantage for Smart Cool and Powerboss

Equipment controls provide for improved operation of phased operations equipment to save energy and also provide for "soft start up" to eliminate power "spikes" that utilities use to define maximum demand and, then, your electricity billing rates.  Save energy and reduce your rates, too!

4:30- 5:00

Opportunistic Removal of Heat from the Refrigeration Loop allows HVAC Systems to work less and save energy
Rick Bofinger, Jerico Energy

CRAC and cooling systems deserve a hard look to see where heatsinks may lie and where energy can be removed from the loop with little effort and at little cost.

5:00 CFRT Planning and Close- Bruce Myatt, PE

RSVP by reply to this email.  We hope to see you there ... 

Thank you for your interest in this important activity, and for your continued support of the Critical Facilities Round Table.

Best regards from the Founders ...

_________ Charles Krieger, PE____________ Bruce Myatt, PE_______________Horst Pfendt______________   Steve Johnston_________       

If you have any questions about CFRT, contact the Founders at cfrt@comcast.net or 415-748-0515.